Biking tour Kolašin - Biogradska Gora

This tour is organized in combination with jeep safari. We are going by jeps from Kolasin along the river Tara. Then we organize a breakfast in the restaurant on the Tara River. We continue riding by bicycles through the rainforest of Biogradska Gora National Park to Lake Biograd. It is one of the oldest protected areas in the world. Of its total area, which is 5650 ha, about 1,600 ha is a forest which is one of three remaining preserved forests in Europe. It is said that Biograd Lake was the most beautiful lake in the Balkans. We take a tour by bicycles around the lake, which will be a real experience. You can also swim in the lake or hire a boat (the boat is extra charged). Of course, everything must be recorded with the camera. After lunch on the lake shore, we back by bicycles to Jeeps and then by jeeps to Kolasin.

number of persons price number of persons price
5 220€ 15 680€
10 450€ 20 930€