Hiking tour Durutovac

Walking tour Durutovac
We are starting this tour from Kolasin in the direction of the Cirilovac monastery. An easy climb takes us past the Botanical Garden, the Railway Station in the direction of Mount Sljivovica. We soon enter the forest and the shade protects us from the sun and heat. We enjoy the beautiful view of Kolasin, Sinjajevina, Bjelasica and Komovi. Halfway through the walking tour or after about 3 hours, we reach the village of Durutovac, where we take a break.
Here we also suggest a lunch break. And it can be a specialty of this village and our host - Wild goulash (a special option for Muslims)
After lunch and rest, we continue the tour to the hill of Barutana, to which an exceptional anecdote is connected, and it speaks of ingenuity in the fight against the Turkish Empire.
We finish the round in Kolasin, where we started the tour.
This tour includes guides, lunch and costs 25 euros per person + VAT